How do I get TimeSanity?

Sign up through the website, follow the easy setup instructions and you’re on your way to pain-free billing.

Which PSAs are supported?

Currently, we are starting with ConnectWise (on-premise and cloud), we will soon expand to Autotask as well as other popular PSAs based on demand.

How often will you monitor time entries?

They are cached continuously.

What is required to get going?

    1. Your ConnectWise details (URL, Company Name, API access key)
    2. Setup your rules or use our pre-defined rules to get started
    3. Select a custom email template, insert your logo and branding

How do you access my time entries and how long do you keep them for?

  • We will access the time entries via the ConnectWise REST API
  • We will cache 90 days of your time entries
  • Past 90 days it will move into our analytics database so we can provide you with insights

Can I get help with implementing rules?

Yes, write in support and chat support is available to assist you depending on the plan you have signed up for.

How much does it cost?

Plans start from USD $99/month

Is there a per engineer charge?

Not right now, we include up to 100 CW members as part of our base subscription of $99! Got more than 100 CW users? Please contact us.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, cancel anytime. At the end of the month the service will cease and your data expunged from our systems.

How many rules can I have?

  • No limit for the moment
  • Basic set of pre-defined rules included

Can I get a custom design for my email templates?

Yes, you can configure your colour schemes, logos and wordings in App.

Can I change the wording on my email templates?

Yes, the wording is fully customisable.

Can I define how often we can send the email notifications to members?

For the moment, we email your staff at 9am and 4pm in their time zone so they have 2 opportunities in a day to fix their time entries.

What are the common parameters of a Time entry that a rule can be based on?

Rules can be based on all time-based entities in ConnectWise and all corresponding properties.

When time is money, it needs to be accounted for. 
TimeSanity helps you take control of your billing, ensuring every time entry is accurate, in real time.