When time is money, it needs to be accounted for. TimeSanity is your automated Time Keeper. Learn more

Increase revenue through
reducing non-billable time.

TimeSanity is a rules engine that automatically picks up your engineers' time entry errors, helping you ensure all time is accounted for, and accurate, in near real-time.

What is TimeSanity?

TimeSanity is a rules based engine which monitors your engineers time entries, in real-time. Think of it like Zapier for ConnectWise time entries. The software allows you to alert errors to the team, while also having a review procedure for service management.

Not only does it ensure time billing accuracy, but it also reduces billing reconciliation time at the end of month down to 30 minutes!

This powerful and comprehensive system can be set up in minutes. Start saving time and reclaiming lost revenue now.


TimeSanity and You


Reduce the time it takes to reconcile billing to 30 minutes per month, whilst increasing time entry accuracy. Be notified of incorrect time entries with alerts in real time. Automation has never meant more to your bottom line.

Increasing Revenue

Leave nothing on the table through incorrect billing. Increasing revenue with TimeSanity is two-fold, through correct billing and reducing the time to bill at the end of the month. 


Customizable Rules

Every IT business operates differently, and our customisable rules reflect this. Set rules that matter to your business, use them to keep track of your time entries and trigger notifications that lead to actionable tasks. 


Bring efficiency and visibility to your billing process.

Learn how you can save time, money and increase billing accuracy with TimeSanity.